Zoe Moffitt, RN-BC

Integrative Elder Care RN




  • ​Elder Law Attorneys 
  • Geriatricians, Primary Care Physicians, Podiatrists
  • Neurologists and Specialists in Cognitive Evaluation
  • Oral Health 
  • Medical Specialists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Nutritionist and Food Consult
  • Massage at home
  • Exercise and Personal Trainer
  • Guides for Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, Qigong and Imagery
  • Support Groups
  • Craniosacral therapy

     Referrals and Collaboration:

  • Music Therapists ​ 
  • Art Therapy
  • Appreciating art at home and in museum programs
  • Listening to music at home and in live performance 
  • Bibliotherapy 
  • Gardening assistance
  • ​Nature Walks 
  • ​Spiritual support
  • Photography
  • Writing and Life Review
  • Reiki, Guided Meditation and Relaxation Breathing
  • ​Massage

About Integrative Elder Care RN

Zoe M K Moffitt is the principal Care Manager of Integrative Elder Care RN.   She is dedicated to advocating for elders, their families and significant others to find solutions when circumstances or abilities change and planning is needed for care for the short or longer term. Care is a collaborative team effort.

Zoe is a Registered Nurse and a Certified Case Manager and has worked in diverse health care settings including in an Orthopedics and Neurosurgery hospital unit, home health care management, a long term care facility, clinical trials as a coordinator in Parkinson's Disease studies, an environmental health clinic and as a Nurse Care Manager for over fourteen years​. 

She has true respect for the balance of medical regimens and a holistic approach which considers the elder's emotional and spiritual life, traditions, enthusiasms, comforts and wishes for the kind of treatments the elder wants.  Zoe works with the art and science of working with medical issues, building a health-promoting lifestyle and environment even within a chronic illness or recovery from a serious health event or cognitive changes, and maintaining as much as possible that brings joy.  

Zoe advocates for elders to keep connected with the people and what matters most to them in their lives. With extensive experience with dementia care with clients, and personally, with several members of her extended family and of the families of friends, Zoe is sensitive to the many ways that dementia can affect an older person's life and relationships.  Zoe has given talks and coached care partners and family members in communicating with people with dementia and understanding some of the changes and behavior that can occur.   For many conditions, there is not a cure, but there is often an opportunity for healing, for new relationships and an active life.

Zoe has always enjoyed knowing and talking with older people, hearing their perspectives and experiences and she is honored to help the elders to enhance their quality of life and health with creative support and an attentive team. 

In her free time, Zoe enjoys photography, film, art, tennis, the garden and walking in the natural world; reading everything from news to fiction and poetry and listening to music of many styles. She cherishes the time with her two adult children, her   communities of old friends and new, and her daily meditation. 


Certified Case Manager

Aging Life Care Association, Advanced            Professional

Gerontological Nurse, Board Certified 

Integrative Nurse Coach

Certified Dementia Practitioner

PRI and SCREEN Certified

       NYS Assessor 


​Aging Life Care Association

Case Management Society of America

Sigma Theta Tau, Nursing Honor Society

​Professional Reiki Membership Assoc.

​American Holistic Nursing Association


Hunter College, BSN

Kenyon College, BA,  

George Washington University, MFA,  

Licensed as a Registered Professional         Nurse in the State of New York 

​Margaret Kyle Zoe M Moffitt